My name is Kina and I'm an Entrepeneur!

For as long as I can remember having my own business as always been a driving force that kept me motivated! In addition to working full time, I also created gift baskets and personalized party favors and I did this for many years. In 2005 my party business was washed away with the mass destruction Hurricane Katrina let behind in my hometown of New Orleans.

So I once again embraced the possibilities of MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales. I dipped in and out of a few industries over the years! Finally in 2012 I found my home with one and was bless with mounds of success! The rewarding opportunity allowed me to finally live, know and love the meaning of Freedom and Flexibility. With these two important components, I began to use them to educate and expand myself even more so that I can service and share with more people with a variety of products, services and business opportunities. 

Many doubt that MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales, but I'm a witness it does and it can for anyone that want to put in the time and work to build it, then reap the rewards of their labor.  However creating something and establishing yourself and a brand of your own is even more rewarding.

Here you will find a variety of products/services that I've decided to offer. Please take a moment to browse the ones that interest you!  
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